Antonia Clare Grant FRSA 

With a background in service industries I went back to college to train as a sculpture but discovered a love of site specific installations and the concept of  spatial-psychology. I went on to do  masters at CSM in narrative environments – considering the emotional connection between human and object I created a design tool called RDG which randomly generates sequences of information which helps to curate site specific spaces for clients. From February 2011 I have immersed myself in the  home sharing community Airbnb, PlumGuide. Designing and managing homes for the expatriate community worldwide

 in 2014 I was elected as a Fellow of the RSA for my work in helping Aegean Greek islanders open their homes to visitors at the height of the migrant and economic crisis.

She thinks about homes as multi-functional space that can be used for hire from micro wedding venues to film shoots to short stays, each home has a clear design narrative. 

she collaborates with people who are cutting edge thinking about sustainability and high end 

in 2021 she was invited by Homo Faber Guide (Michelangelo Foundation) for master-craft men women and Ateliers as their first Bespoke  home upcycler. Due to to listed end of June.

She is designing a range of sustainable hybrid sofas using landfill where 30% of cost will go towards pro-bono work altering homes of families stuck in housing hell or on council waiting lists to help ease the housing crisis - Sustainability is not just design its also community and inspiration.

Julian Sudre

I started my career in hotels believe it or not, so I understand the hospitality industry quite well, but my creative instinct drew me towards fashion, where I worked as a personal stylist. This is where I learned about textures, composition and colours. I also trained as an interior designer. I love how I get to exercise my passion for design and my hospitality expertise when working with clients, I currently consult Plum Guide on properties for thier growing portflio and have set up the Paris desk - starting DDC I view as a natural career progression. 

How it works:

Send us a picture of the furniture you want us to redesign - we will then do an online consultation and go through fabric and redesign changes that go with your current home style and way of living - we will then send you a quote for materials. You pay 50% upfront and we organise a pick up time.  We will call you once the item is ready to be delivered back to you. 


Call us for a video walk through of your home and the piece of furniture you want to epicycle. 

Discuss your budget with us and book a consultation slot. 


We love feedback so expect us to be sending you videos and pictures while we make - a little video diary for you to keep. 


We will call you with a time slot that works for you to return your upcycleditem and final invoice. 


Our team will come with sales on the consultation to measure up and check you are happy with the fabric choices and take the item to our fabrication studio.