we launched back in 2010 redesigning homes for the short stay market turning homes into destinations through bespoke user experience design.
This evolved in 2019 to creating high end bespoke furniture for clients turning their sofas and chairs into workable pieces that takes their height weight and space into account. we start with a consultation where we can check posture and comfort levels and then redesign the piece.
from 2021 we are launching a bespoke Design service for renters with budgets from £1000 - £5000 



What our clients say:

'Really lovely space with real personality rather than standard soul-less crash pad'.

-Joanna, Auckland, New Zealand

'Sensible, consultative and professional approach to our challenge'. 

-Remi. Bark reviews 

' I have worked with Antonia on several design projects and her creativity and strong attention to detail have always been second to none. Not only she is a strong project manager with a creative eye, she always listens to the client's needs and ensures she delivers beyond expectations. I will definitely recommend her for any creative projects'.

- Julian. Interior designer   

'This home is a Plum Guide award winner: To win the Plum Award, homes must pass the Plum Home Test, which involves a personal visit from an independent Home Critic. Just 3% of homes make the cut'.

(- The plum guide)

'I have had a great experience working with Antonia. She is very creative and sensitive to the needs of the client. Her practical and creative approach is excellent showing an understanding of both modern interior design and also the classic. It i very rare a designer is able to have such a broad historical approach with a razor sharp eye to the detail. Sometimes she is able to magic up the rustic look of a Bloomsbury interior from the time of the edwardians and other times she is modishly modern in her chic and manages to finalise with a global brand which is quirky and truly her own'.   

- Wolfe. Bark Review

'Antonia Clare provided design consultation for an apartment. In addition to demonstrating great creative flair, her approach was thorough, thoughtful and considered and resulted in a great series of suggestions and recommendations that I was really happy to take onboard. She is clearly very good at what she does'.

- houzz  

'In a difficult housing marketing Antonia prepared the house for sale - we got our asking price within 3 months (2017) after having it on the marketing for over a year 2015-2016."